11Sep, 2017

Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights to Grandchildren?

September 11th, 2017|Family Law|

Grandparents discussing visitation rightsOne concern that family members have in divorces, is whether or not they will still be able to visit the children. For many grandparents, a divorce can be worrisome.  They may wonder if their time with their grandchildren will be limited, or cut off entirely.  This can lead many grandparents to wonder if they have any rights to visitation.

In Florida, grandparents have […]

4Sep, 2017

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support?

September 4th, 2017|Child Support|

Father and sonChild support payments are a frequent bone of contention in many divorces. They can also be hard to come up with when the financial circumstances of one of the parents changes. And, it’s a topic that is often one of the primary concerns for both parents during the dissolution process.

However, not paying child support can cause you a great deal of trouble. Failing […]

28Aug, 2017

6 Events That Call for an Update to Your Estate Plan

August 28th, 2017|Estate Planning|

estate planningOur lives change as we do. We grow, we learn new things, we pass major life milestones such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child. At each step, having an estate plan can help protect you and those you love. And at each subsequent step, ensuring your estate plan still meets your needs is essential as well.

Your estate plan at age 30 will be […]

21Aug, 2017

3 Experts You May Need to Consult During Probate

August 21st, 2017|Probate Proceedings|

Probate administrationAfter the death of somebody close to you, the last thing you want to think about are the legal issues that can arise when dealing with a will. Emotions are high, people are grieving, and it feels as though the whole world should stop.

The reality, unfortunately, is that a person’s will needs to handled through the proper channels and in a timely manner after his or […]

14Aug, 2017

If My Spouse Is the One Who Wants the Divorce, Why Should I Get an Attorney?

August 14th, 2017|Divorce|

Jacksonville Family Law Attorneys - Beller & Bustamante, P.L.Hearing that your spouse wants a divorce when you want to continue working on the marriage can be one of the most difficult moments you’ll ever face. Hearing advice telling you to hire an attorney may feel like adding insult to injury. If the divorce is your spouse’s idea, why do you have to pay for a lawyer?

While it […]