7Aug, 2017

In A Florida Divorce, Who Gets the Pets?

August 7th, 2017|Divorce|

DogIn many Florida homes, pets are considered more than property. Instead, they are often considered a part of the family. That is why, when spouses divorce, questions over who will get custody of the dog, cat, or other pet can be just as contentious as questions about how the children will be raised.

But while you and your spouse may see your pet as another member of the […]

31Jul, 2017

How to Make an Estate Plan Work for You

July 31st, 2017|Estate Planning|

Experienced attorneys Assisting Jacksonville Families with Estate Plans

Estate Planning WorksheetEstate plans are meant to work for you and your loved ones, but only if drafted properly.

By educating yourself on the estate plan process and purpose, you are better prepared to create an estate plan that truly works for you and your loved ones. Naturally, you must consult an attorney to complete your estate plan. An attorney […]

24Jul, 2017

How to Prepare Yourself (Both Practically and Personally) For Parenting Time Negotiations

July 24th, 2017|Child Custody|

Family Law Attorneys Helping Parents Negotiate Parenting Plans in Jacksonville

family hands togetherNegotiating a shared custody arrangement or a parenting plan can be stressful for both practical and personal reasons. On the practical side, you’ll need to keep track of a large number of details, including the minutiae of your children’s schedules and the schedules of both parents. On the personal side, you may be struggling with […]

17Jul, 2017

Is Probate Court Right for Your Estate?

July 17th, 2017|Probate Proceedings|

Estate Planning Attorneys Assisting Jacksonville Families with Probate Matters

Probate CourtProbate court dramatically affects how your estate is handled after death. It can also be the difference from a quick and easy settlement to a drawn out, costly legal process.

Probate court, however, has received a bad reputation when it really should not. While it can be a bad experience for some, other estates go through probate without […]

3Jul, 2017

Worst Divorce Settlement Mistakes – and How to Correct Them

July 3rd, 2017|Family Law|

Experienced Attorneys in Jacksonville Helping with Divorce Settlements

Divorce Settlement MistakesA divorce settlement is all about the details.

All it takes is one minor oversight to cost you or your spouse thousands of dollars. Then, correcting these issues becomes even costlier, consumes more of your time, and draws out the divorce process.

To avoid such hassles, you should be aware of the worst divorce settlement mistakes out there. Then, ensure […]