10Apr, 2021

Why Is Estate Planning Urgent During COVID-19?

April 10th, 2021|Estate Planning|

Estate-planning-during-COVID-19Estate planning has always been an important process. By sitting down and spending a few hours laying out some foundational plans, families can obtain peace of mind knowing that everything is in order, whatever the future holds. Estate planning also helps families maintain control over what they’ve worked so hard for by reducing taxes and avoiding potentially costly legal proceedings in the future.

While almost every segment […]

22Mar, 2021

Visitation After a Guardian Is Appointed

March 22nd, 2021|Guardianship|

A father visiting his daughter.The issue of visitation after the court legally appoints a guardian has recently become one of the most talked-about issues surrounding Florida guardianship law. On one hand, social interaction—especially among friends and family members—is critical to a protected person’s health and well-being and can increase their overall quality of life. However, on the other hand, the reasons leading to the appointment of […]

10Mar, 2021

Will Your Estate Plan Still Work If You Move?

March 10th, 2021|Estate Planning|

Two individuals asking for advice if their estate plan will still work if they move.An estate plan is a critical tool that helps families plan for the future of coming generations. However, sometimes things come up, requiring a family to modify their estate plan change to accommodate any recent changes in circumstances. Moving is one of those life events, after which, someone must take a close […]

22Feb, 2021

Does Florida Have a Minimum Amount Needed for Probate?

February 22nd, 2021|Probate|

Probate in a law firm.When someone passes away, regardless of whether they have a will, their estate will generally need to go through the Florida probate process before the court distributes any estate assets. Probate is the legal process in which the court formally recognizes a person’s passing, validates their will (if they have one), appoints a personal representative, oversees the payment […]

10Feb, 2021

Alternatives to Florida Guardianship: Advantages and Disadvantages

February 10th, 2021|Guardianship|

A guardian reading a story to a child.Guardianship, also referred to as conservatorship, is the legal process used by the courts when a person can no longer make decisions on their own behalf. The guardianship process is necessary for many situations. However, because having a guardian appointed significantly impacts a person’s rights, courts impose a high bar before appointing one. Thus, seeking […]

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