Family Law Attorneys Assisting Couples with Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

wedding rings and prenuptial agreementsThe prenuptial agreement is often associated with negativity, but today more couples are opting for such a legal agreement because they recognize the power and positive nature it truly holds. Signing a prenuptial agreement, casually referred to as the “prenup,” ensures that your future is protected in the event that the marriage ends in a divorce. If you are engaged or planning your future with your fiancé, now is the time to sit down and discuss the prenuptial agreement.

10 Reasons Why All Couples Should Have a Prenuptial Agreement

  1. Divorce rates are high in the United States. You don’t plan to get divorced, but that doesn’t mean you can predict the future. Statistics show that half of U.S. marriages end in divorce. There is no harm in protecting your future for the “just in case.”
  2. Divorce affects your credit. Divorces can tarnish your credit history. Most couples end up filing for bankruptcy, simply because they cannot afford to split the marital debts.
  3. Prenuptial agreements remove the stressful decisions of divorce. The prenuptial agreement spells out all terms of the divorce, including separation. There will be less confusion, fights, and bickering because you both already agreed to how things will play out.
  4. Prenuptial agreements are there to protect you and your spouse. Divorces last for months. With a prenuptial agreement in place, the spouse who did not opt for the divorce may have a few protections.
  5. Divorce proceedings are often longer without a signed prenuptial agreement. Without a prenuptial agreement, a divorce could take longer. Prenuptial agreements simplify the process.
  6. Couples receive a fair distribution. With a prenuptial agreement, premarital assets may be protected, and a fair distribution arrangement is already agreed upon.
  7. You are now married for the sake of getting married. One big benefit to a prenuptial agreement is the fact that you both can rest assured that you are marrying for love – not money. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who only marry someone for money or assets. With a prenuptial agreement, you and your spouse can rest assured that you both married for the right reasons.
  8. Prenuptial agreements do make sense. Uncertainty is a common factor today. With a prenuptial agreement, you no longer have to worry about the unknown or the possibility that your marriage may end in divorce.
  9. Prenuptial agreements do not hinder, but they do help. Some fear that a prenuptial agreement will hurt the marriage. In reality, the document does nothing to the marriage. Instead, it is more like an insurance policy for the “what if” situations.
  10. Prenuptial agreements can reduce stress in the marriage. If you are not worried about the unknown, you can enjoy your life. You are not planning for a divorce, but at least you are prepared.

Draft a Prenuptial Agreement with a Florida Family Law Attorney

Never create your own prenuptial agreement. Instead, meet with a family law attorney to have your prenuptial agreement drafted. It is best if you and your spouse work with separate attorneys to ensure that your best interests are protected; however, you can share an attorney, as well.

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