21Dec, 2019

What Happens When Your Child with Special Needs Turns 18?

December 21st, 2019|Child Support|

You have a child with special needs, and up until this point you have focused your efforts on the present. You have consistently made sure that your child has everything he or she needs, and you have done what was necessary to ensure that your family has had the financial resources required to adequately provide for your child. But, your child is now quickly approaching age […]

4Sep, 2017

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Child Support?

September 4th, 2017|Child Support|

Father and sonChild support payments are a frequent bone of contention in many divorces. They can also be hard to come up with when the financial circumstances of one of the parents changes. And, it’s a topic that is often one of the primary concerns for both parents during the dissolution process.

However, not paying child support can cause you a great deal of trouble. Failing […]

22May, 2017

Child Support and the Disabled Child: How is it Calculated?

May 22nd, 2017|Child Support|

Experienced Family Law Attorneys Helping Establish Support for Disabled Children in Florida Divorces

child custody and supportFor most child custody and support cases, calculating child support is straightforward. When one child is mentally or physically disabled, however, the calculation process is more complicated.

It is important that, if you have a disabled child, you speak with a family law attorney. The costs of raising a child with a […]

27Apr, 2017

Can You Negotiate Child Support Amounts?

April 27th, 2017|Child Support|

Child Support Negotiations Attorneys Serving the Jacksonville, Florida Area

Negotiate Child Support

In divorce, everything is negotiable – sometimes, even child support. However, not all items of child support are negotiable, and if you and your spouse disagree, the courts will use the standard calculation for support, which may or may not be what you wanted to receive or pay.

When Can You Negotiate Child Support Payment Amounts?

If the […]

20Jun, 2016

Florida Utilizes Special Procedures to Establish Paternity

June 20th, 2016|Child Support|

Family LawAccording to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of children born in America are delivered by unmarried mothers. The “nonmarital” birth rate has actually fallen in recent years; a decade ago, the figure was close to 50 percent.

Under Florida law, when a married mother gives birth, the law presumes that the husband is the child’s father. When the mother […]