21Feb, 2019

Own Rental Property in Jacksonville? Responsible Estate Planning Is Essential

February 21st, 2019|Estate Planning|

Estate PlanFormulating a comprehensive estate plan should entail addressing all of your valuable assets. And if you are the owner of a rental property, it should also include the necessary asset protection measures to safeguard your future. For the majority of clients, a complete estate plan consists of three broad main categories:

  • Your house
  • Financial accounts
  • Personal property

Additional assets, including rental property, life insurance accounts, retirement […]

21Jan, 2019

Estate Planning: Choosing the Right Type of Trust

January 21st, 2019|Estate Planning|

Estate PlanIt is an all-too-common misconception that a trust is a sophisticated legal instrument reserved exclusively for only the wealthy. The reality, however, is that trusts are one of the most commonly used estate planning arrangements with a proven track record for being a highly reliable method of ensuring an individual’s final wishes are implemented correctly.

Regardless of age, amount of assets, or family size, everyone should […]

21Dec, 2018

I Am in My 20s (or 30s). Do I Need an Estate Plan?

December 21st, 2018|Estate Planning|

Estate planning Beneficiaries and BequestsWhen is the “right” time to put together your estate plan? While there is a common perception that preparing an estate plan is something you do when you start to approach the age of retirement, the reality is that there are plenty of important reasons to put a plan in place while you are in your 20s or 30s.

Why? First, while we […]

8Dec, 2018

A Family Member Named Me as Their Trustee or Personal Representative. What Do I Need to Know?

December 8th, 2018|Estate Planning|

estate planning documentsIf you have recently lost a loved one, we offer our deepest condolences. Regardless of the circumstances, dealing with the death of a family member is a trying time. And no matter how many clients we represent, it never gets easier to witness someone grieving a tragic loss.

If your loved one named you as their trustee or personal representative, you will play a central […]

21Oct, 2018

Estate Planning for a Second Marriage in Florida

October 21st, 2018|Estate Planning|

estate planFlorida also has a new equitable distribution statute that went into effect July 1. Even if you own your own house and you marry, your new spouse is entitled to the pay down in your mortgage during the marriage even if you paid it from only your income. And, if the house appreciated they statute gives them an entitlement to that appreciation.

Having already been through a […]