10Nov, 2021

What You Should Know About Guardianship and Mental Illness

November 10th, 2021|Guardianship|

Male patient having consultation with doctor about mental health.Mental illness affects tens of millions of people in the U.S. every year. About one in four adults (approximately 26%) suffer from some type of mental illness. This disease spares no one. In fact, young people (ages 11-17) are currently struggling the most with their mental health.

Seeing a loved one […]

22Sep, 2021

Dementia: Do’s And Don’ts To Take Care Of Your Loved One As A Guardian

September 22nd, 2021|Guardianship|

Senior man comforting a woman with dementia at home.Over six million Americans have Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia. This diagnosis can be devastating and challenging for families, as they watch their loved one’s mental and physical capabilities deteriorate over time.

Caring for someone with dementia takes extra effort, patience, and understanding. If you are currently serving as a guardian for your loved one, […]

22Jul, 2021

What Is Guardianship Abuse And Its Consequences?

July 22nd, 2021|Guardianship|

A guardian who is abused.When the court appoints a guardian, they bestow the guardian with a significant responsibility to their ward. The law expects all guardians to prioritize the ward’s best interests over other concerns. Unfortunately, not all guardians make the right decisions. People can certainly make honest mistakes. But in some cases, agents actively deceive, exploit, harass, or intimidate the incapacitated person. Guardians who steal, neglect, […]

20Jun, 2021

What Are the Challenges You Might Face When You Become a Special Needs Guardian?

June 20th, 2021|Guardianship|

A special needs guardian.Becoming a guardian for an individual with special needs carried great responsibilities. At the same time, few people expect to fill this role in their lifetime. For many special needs guardians, there is a significant learning curve when it comes to understanding their rights and obligations. At Beller & Bustamante P.L., our guardianship lawyers in Jacksonville have more than 30 years of combined […]

22May, 2021

Things to Consider When Naming Child’s Guardian in Your Will

May 22nd, 2021|Guardianship|

Naming-the-guardian-of-your-child-in-your-willWhen most people think of a will and why they might need one, they think about who they want their property to pass on to after they die. However, one of the most important benefits a will offers is the ability to choose the person you want to take care of your children if you pass away while they are still minors.  In legal terms, this […]