5Jun, 2020

What Happens after Probate in Florida?

June 5th, 2020|Probate|

probateDealing with probate for a loved one’s estate can be an emotionally trying experience. Even when the process goes smoothly, most family members are understandably ready to move on as quickly as possible. In general, once the probate process is over, the outcome is final. But, there are a few exceptions, and there are some additional steps, post-probate, that certain family members may need to take […]

5May, 2020

Preparing for Probate as a Personal Representative in Florida

May 5th, 2020|Probate|

If you have recently lost a loved one and you have been designated as the personal representative of his or her estate, it will be important for you to have a thorough understanding of the probate process. You will also need to understand what happens outside of probate, as you may or may not have additional obligations outside of the probate process as well.

7 Steps to […]

21Jan, 2020

What Should You Do If You Run into Issues during Probate in Florida?

January 21st, 2020|Probate, Probate Proceedings|

In an ideal scenario, the process of probating a loved one’s estate will go smoothly, and everyone involved in the process will be on the same page regarding how to wind up your loved one’s final affairs. Your loved one’s estate plan will provide clear guidance, and there will be no questions regarding its legal enforceability.

But, things do not always go according to plan. Ambiguities can […]

21Nov, 2019

Probate Administration vs. Trust Administration: What’s the Difference?

November 21st, 2019|Probate, Probate Proceedings|

Probate administration and trust administration are two very different procedures for administering a decedent’s estate. Among other differences, while probate administration involves dealing with the Florida courts, a trustee can administer a decedent’s trust without court involvement. 

When coping with the loss of a loved one, administering his or her final affairs is a difficult – but necessary – part of the process. In order […]

8Oct, 2019

Florida Probate: Don’t Overlook These Important Issues during the Process

October 8th, 2019|Probate|

Administering a family member’s estate through the probate process in Florida involves a number of important steps. While many of these steps (such as providing notice to creditors and distributing assets to your loved one’s heirs and beneficiaries) are dictated by the probate process itself, there are issues outside of probate that need to be addressed as well. As a personal representative, heir, or beneficiary, […]