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divorce petitionA divorce petition is a legal document that’s filed with the court, usually by a spouse who is seeking a divorce. Its purpose is to inform the court of the filing spouse’s desire to dissolve the marital union. Filing the divorce petition with the court begins the divorce process. Serving the divorce petition to the other spouse lets him or her know that the divorce process is underway. Here’s what you can expect to find in a divorce petition.

Information and Requests

Each state has its own requirements for the kind of information that should appear in a divorce petition, but in general, it should include:

  • The names and physical addresses of the spouses
  • The date and location of the marriage
  • The names of any children of the marriage

Several other elements are part of a valid divorce petition, such as acknowledgement that the petitioner and their spouse have lived in the state or county for a certain period of time before the petition was filed, the grounds for seeking divorce, and the petitioner’s preferences for settling finances, dividing property, and handling child custody, visitation, and other issues.

Temporary Orders

In addition to the information and requests listed above, the divorce petition may ask the court to award temporary orders that will dictate how certain issues, such as child custody and visitation, will be handled during the divorce process.

These orders will usually stay in effect only until the divorce is final, and can include assigning primary custody of the children to one or the other spouse, establishing a child visitation schedule for the other spouse, and awarding spousal and/or child support payments.

There could also be a temporary order determining which spouse will keep the marital home, and determining how joint financial matters (including bills) will be handled until the divorce is final.

Divorce petitions are usually filed in the superior or circuit court for the state in which the couple lives. The exact elements of a valid divorce petition may also vary according to the state you live in, and your circumstances.

Once the petition is filed, the other spouse will have to be properly served in order for the divorce proceedings to legally continue. A family attorney can help you navigate this confusing process, and is almost essential if children and assets are involved. If you’re thinking about divorce, call a divorce lawyer today.

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