Attorney HandshakeSearching for a good estate planning attorney can be a daunting task. There are dozens of attorneys to choose from in the area alone, and hundreds more across the state of Florida. Luckily, there are ways to narrow down the choices and find an attorney who will help you protect your investments, loved ones, and even your health.

Ask Family and Friends

The best referral resource is your family and friends. Most likely, a family member, coworker, or close friend has used an estate planning attorney to draft his or her own estate plan. Therefore, these individuals can provide their insight and recommendations on local attorneys with whom they have worked, or attorneys with whom they met for a consultation.

Even if the attorney is not in your city, sometimes it is worth travelling a few extra miles to see a qualified estate planning attorney. After all, you should never settle with an attorney strictly on distance. Doing so may reduce the quality of work you receive.

Ask a Financial Advisor

If you already have a financial advisor, he or she will have a list of estate planning attorneys whom they know and have worked with in the past. Financial advisors often review estate plans to ensure their clients’ investment goals line up with their future goals. So, an advisor will have a list of one or more estate planning attorneys whom they prefer to work with.

Ask Your Accountant

Do you have an accountant whom you use each year for taxes or even business finances? If so, he or she will know of a few estate planning attorneys. Accountants often consult with estate planning attorneys when creating trusts and other estate plans. Therefore, your accountant is a valuable go-to resource for finding a local attorney.

Ask Other Attorneys You Have Worked With

Sometimes, an attorney whom you have worked with in the past offers estate planning services. For example, if you went through a divorce or child custody case, that family law attorney may also offer estate planning services or have attorneys in his or her office who can do estate plans.

Contact the State Bar Association

The state’s bar association will have a list of local estate planning attorneys. Also, you may be able to check if that attorney has any pending actions or complaints against him or her.

Ask the Probate Court

If the above ideas did not work, you could contact the probate courts in your county. Smaller community clerks are willing to give names of attorneys whom they know and have worked with in the past. Larger cities, however, are often too busy to give referrals. Therefore, do not be surprised if they are unwilling to help.

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