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judge's gavelThere is no denying the value of an adequate caregiver for an ailing or aging family member. There are more than 44 million caregivers (according to who provide care to loved ones who need it.

These caregivers can work anywhere from part-time to full-time. Some even offer live-in care services. These caregivers can also be professionals from an agency, family members, or friends. Regardless, the job does require a lot of demands on the individual’s personal and financial life, and his or her emotional well-being. In order to compensate a family member or friend who takes on the role of full-time caregiver, families should consider a caregiver agreement.

A caregiver agreement is an employment contract between the caregiver (family or friend) and the person receiving the care. This can be completed by an elder law attorney, and the agreement will stipulate everything from the care expected, the compensation for that care, and the duration of the care (if this is known).

If you are not sure if your family’s situation requires a caregiver agreement, here are five things to consider.

The Caregiver Receives Compensation

Family members should receive compensation for their time and effort – especially if they sacrifice a job in order to care for a family member in need. In the agreement, it will specify the amount of payment that the caregiver will receive. This amount is entirely up to the family drafting the agreement, but the rates of local in-home care services should be considered when picking compensation.

Sometimes, family members will not request as much in compensation, while other times they will need the competitive rates in order to financially survive.

The Relationship is Defined

When a family member handles the care of a relative, it is hard to separate between the professional and familial aspects. With a caregiver agreement, the line is clear. The caregiver will know the extent of the services that are to be provided and what he or she is expected to do daily for the loved one. Also, the recipient will understand what the caregiver is expected to provide, and cannot request anything outside of the scope of the agreement.

Peace is Restored

Family caring for family can create animosity. The agreement may be able to alleviate at least some of that conflict between family members, especially when it is agreed upon who will give the care. Also, there will be no conflict in terms of compensation, because all family members will understand what the compensation is providing.

It Can Help with Medicare

Making payments to a family member with a valid care agreement in place can ensure that an ailing parent will receive Medicare coverage. Without an agreement, these payments may actually delay a parent’s ability to become approved.

Keeps Care and Money in the Family

Most importantly, care and compensation are kept inside the family – not given to a third party agency. This will make the recipient feel more comfortable about the care received, but will also benefit the family overall.

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