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Collaborative divorce is an ideal solution for couples who have elected to legally separate. While it is not for everyone, more couples are recognizing the ease and value in collaborative processes versus traditional litigation. While collaborative divorces are non-traditional, they may soon become the standard choice for divorcing couples.

If you are not sure whether you should try collaborative divorce, here are a few reasons why more Florida couples are using it over other divorce options.

1. Collaborative Divorces are Faster than Litigation

Divorce can be a lengthy process, especially with contested items. The longer a divorce goes on, the harder it is for everyone involved — especially young children. An advantage to collaborative divorce is that it moves faster, and you are not waiting on multiple hearing dates to quash issues. Furthermore, it works at your pace.

2. More Privacy in a Collaborative Divorce

Instead of having your personal issues aired in a public courtroom, with numerous witnesses to hear these matters, you can enjoy the privacy of a collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorces are conducted in conference rooms with you, your spouse, and each of your attorneys. Everything is confidential, information is privileged, and no one is in the chamber who is not authorized to be. If you are a business owner or high-profile individual, privacy is critical during your divorce.

3. You Are in Control of Your Divorce Time

Divorces leave couples with minimal control over how long the process takes and the outcome of their case. When you do a collaborative divorce, however, you do not have to wait for a drawn-out court date, worry about scheduling, and deal with the numerous continuances. Instead, the process is done entirely jointly, which equates to a more efficient and streamlined divorce in the end.

4. Separation Stress is Easily Managed

Compared to litigation, a collaborative divorce is much less stressful. You and your spouse meet, collaborate, and look for solutions. You can also schedule meetings around your schedule so that you do not have to worry about taking time away from work or missing other obligations to make a court hearing. You can also have trained counselors present during the divorce process to ensure appropriate communication, and to keep the stress at bay.

5. More Agreeable Parenting Plans

One party that benefits the most from a collaborative divorce is that of the children. Children enjoy a favorable, equal parenting plan that each parent agreed to, so there is no animosity involved in visitation or child support. Also, issues around visitation, holiday planning, and more are worked out during the collaborative process.

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