Amicable RelationshipsPlenty of marriages these days end in divorce, and not all divorces are acrimonious. It’s easy to see why you need a divorce attorney if your divorce is bitter and you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are fighting over property, child custody, and maybe even the reason the marriage is ending in the first place. But what if you and your spouse want to divorce on good terms? Do you really need a divorce attorney if you’re divorcing amicably?

Yes, you do. Even if you and your estranged spouse are still on good terms, it’s in your best interests to have an attorney on your side throughout the process.

The Jacksonville Divorce Process

Even if you and your spouse want to file for an uncontested, amicable divorce, it’s more than just a matter of filing some paperwork with the court. Divorce typically means dividing communal property, writing a parenting plan and visitation schedule, refinancing at least one mortgage, negotiating over who gets to pay what part of the credit card bills, and deciding on spousal and child support payments.

There’s a lot involved with all of this, and you’ll most likely need the help of a divorce attorney to make sure that you’re handling everything correctly. A mistake now could cause expensive, stressful, and time-consuming mediation or litigation down the road.

If you have to go back to court to have your divorce decree modified, you’ll have to determine who made the mistake in the first place, which will be a whole new ordeal. Frankly, it’s hard to prove that a mistake was innocent if the person who made that mistake benefited from it. Save yourself the stress and expense of trying to fix a mistake later, and hire an attorney now – before your divorce is finalized.

Divorce Attorneys Know the Law

Divorce laws can be pretty complicated and they vary from one state to the next. Do you know what’s legally required to file for divorce in the state of Florida? Do you know what the acceptable reasons for divorce are in Florida? Probably not – but your divorce attorney does.

Your attorney will also understand the laws and statutes regarding the division of marital property. Is Florida a community property state, or are there different rules for dividing property? What about child support, child custody, alimony, and spousal support? The state of Florida has numerous laws and statutes governing these aspects of divorce, and you’ll need an attorney to protect your interests while still respecting the law, even if you’re divorcing amicably.

An Attorney Helps You Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Divorce is stressful, even when it’s amicable. There’s a lot to do to finalize a divorce, and you still have to juggle all of your daily responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities, such as caring for the kids, may have gotten more complicated now that you don’t have a spouse around to help out. A divorce attorney can help you stay focused.

That’s especially important if the amicable divorce you thought you were having suddenly turns not-so-amicable. Arguments erupt between divorcing spouses, even those who thought they were staying on good terms. When emotions flare, it’s easy to lose sight of your goals for the settlement of the divorce. Your attorney is there to help you keep a level head, and stay focused on your goals, so that you can finalize your divorce as soon as possible.

Your Lawyer Will Keep You from Rushing into a Bad Agreement

No matter how badly you want the divorce finalized or how amicable you feel toward your estranged spouse, it’s never a good idea to rush through the process without the help of an attorney. Without a lawyer on your side, you could end up agreeing to something that’s not in your best interests.

The documents you’re going to sign as part of the divorce process can be confusing, and you’ll need the guidance of an attorney to fully understand them. That’s essential for your future security and happiness, and to help ensure that your amicable divorce doesn’t turn into a nasty one.

Your Divorce May Not Be as Amicable as You Think

Many couples think they don’t need a divorce lawyer because they already agree on everything to do with the divorce, only to discover that, in fact, they don’t agree on everything. You might reach an agreement on how to split up debt, who gets the house, how much spousal support should be paid to the non-working spouse, and how child custody and support will be decided.

But maybe you haven’t thought about who gets the life insurance money or whether you each need a life insurance policy to cover your child support obligations if one of you passes away.

Maybe you haven’t thought about unexpected medical bills, retirement assets, or the kids’ college tuition. There’s so much involved in a divorce that it’s unlikely you’ve thought of everything – there could be issues you didn’t even know you needed to talk about.

You Need a Lawyer to Draft the Agreement

No matter how amicable your divorce, you still need a lawyer to draft the agreement. You don’t want to tackle this on your own – this agreement will govern your obligations toward your ex-spouse for the rest of your life, and it needs to concise, accurate, and thorough. A divorce attorney will know what needs to be included, where each issue should be addressed, and the proper legal language to use to properly draft the agreement.

Your Divorce Lawyer Knows How and Where to File the Paperwork

Filing your own paperwork with the court isn’t a cakewalk. If you don’t want your motions dismissed for procedural reasons, you’ll spend the money to have your lawyer file the paperwork with the court. These documents could be crucial if something goes wrong with your case, so it’s important that it’s done right.

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Even if you’re divorcing your spouse on good terms, you still need a divorce lawyer. A lawyer knows how to navigate the divorce process, and can make sure your interests are protected every step of the way. A divorce attorney is always a good investment, even in the most amicable divorce.

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