5Aug, 2020

What Happens If You Don’t Probate a Will?

August 5th, 2020|Probate|

Probate stamp used in a trial court.When a loved one passes away, there are certain legal steps that need to be taken in order to administer his or her final affairs. If your loved one left behind a will, one of these steps will be to have the terms of his or her will executed through the probate process.

The probate process is fundamental to estate administration […]

15Jul, 2020

How Do I Talk to My Elderly Parents About Estate Planning?

July 15th, 2020|Estate Planning|

An estate planning worksheet and glasses.There comes a time in every adult child’s life that they need to learn about their parents’ estate plan. Understanding your parents’ estate plan is important, it is not selfish, and it is prudent for your parents and for you.

But, none of this makes talking to your parents about their estate plan easy. Regardless of how close you are (or aren’t) […]

5Jul, 2020

Do Guardianship Papers Overrule Custody?

July 5th, 2020|Guardianship|

Guardianship and parenting document. Dealing with child-related legal issues can be extremely complicated. But, it is also extremely important; and, when issues arise, parents and other concerned adults must be prepared to do what is necessary to protect the best interests of the children involved. In our experience, one area that tends to be particularly confusing for people is the intersection between guardianship and custody.

Understanding the […]

15Jun, 2020

7 Questions to Consider When Contemplating Guardianship for Your Aging Parent

June 15th, 2020|Guardianship|

A daughter embracing her mother who's very happy.If your parent is aging and you are concerned about his or her ability to provide self-care now or in the future, it is important to evaluate the options that you have available. You want to ensure that your parent is able to live as comfortably as possible while also maintaining as much autonomy as possible, but you also […]

5Jun, 2020

What Happens after Probate in Florida?

June 5th, 2020|Probate|

probateDealing with probate for a loved one’s estate can be an emotionally trying experience. Even when the process goes smoothly, most family members are understandably ready to move on as quickly as possible. In general, once the probate process is over, the outcome is final. But, there are a few exceptions, and there are some additional steps, post-probate, that certain family members may need to take […]

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