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In Florida, the term “custody” is obsolete. Parents are now subject to parenting plans. A parenting plan sets forth in the majority of cases shared parental responsibility wherein the parties mutually raise their child/ren and timesharing with a schedule of how each of them will spend time with the child/ren.

Sole parental responsibility where one parent is solely responsible for one aspect of the child rearing for example, medical or educational is very rare and only occurs under very specific circumstances.

Establishing a Parenting Plan during a Florida Divorce

When developing a Parenting Plan, there are a number of issues that divorcing parents will need to address. During the parties’ divorce, they will need to work through these issues in order to develop a plan that works for everyone based on the needs of each family. There are suggested guidelines for each circuit that are the starting point in helping parents create parenting plans, but those are only guides. Ideally, the parents will be able to agree on a mutually-acceptable Parenting Plan.

But, in all cases, Parenting Plans are subject to final approval by a judge. In approving Parenting Plans, Florida judges focus on a list of factors centered around the best interests of the children. By working with an experienced divorce attorney, you can develop a Parenting Plan that will satisfy the court’s criteria, serve the best interests of your children while also creating a plan that meets the needs of your family.

If the parents are unable to agree on the terms of a Parenting Plan, the judge presiding over their divorce will establish a Plan based on the factors as listed in Florida Statutes for determining the best interests of their children.

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