Jacksonville Family Law Attorneys - Beller & Bustamante, P.L.Hearing that your spouse wants a divorce when you want to continue working on the marriage can be one of the most difficult moments you’ll ever face. Hearing advice telling you to hire an attorney may feel like adding insult to injury. If the divorce is your spouse’s idea, why do you have to pay for a lawyer?

While it may seem ludicrous to hire a lawyer under these circumstances, you must not allow your emotions to hijack your intelligence.  Having an experienced attorney to represent you in your divorce proceedings is essential to avoiding messy proceedings, and a bad final outcome. This is true regardless of whether you want the divorce or not. Emotions run high in divorce cases, and without a lawyer, it is easy to lose focus of what will be the best for you and your own future.

Here are three reasons hiring your own attorney may be the best decision you make during the divorce process:

Keep Things in Perspective

Your lawyer is your go-to source for understanding Florida divorce law and how it may affect your upcoming decisions. And your lawyer can also be a key source of perspective.

Once your spouse insists on a divorce, your focus and goals must change. Your energy had previously been in holding the marriage together. It now needs to be redirected.

First, you must now determine what you want for your future.  That alone is a daunting task.  Without an attorney, you are shooting darts in the dark, since you have no idea what you are legally entitled to, and what would be reasonable to request. As you consider your future, an attorney will provide a working understanding of your legal rights and options. They can help you to reasonably plan for negotiations by setting favorable and attainable goals.

Protect Your Own Interests

If your spouse is asking for a divorce, chances are that he or she has been thinking about one for awhile. This means that your spouse may have already taken steps to ensure an advantageous position during the divorce.  In other words, they may have already hired an attorney.

When you and your spouse find yourselves on opposite sides of the divorce divide, your interests no longer align. And while your spouse may or may not be vindictive, you may already be behind the curve when it comes to protecting your own interests. Your lawyer can help you “catch up” and stay on track.

Build Your Children’s Future

Children are often caught in the middle when their parents divorce. While this is no one’s fault, it is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that decisions are made that support the best interests of your children.  Kids need stability and sense of security in order to thrive. Your lawyer can help you balance multiple perspectives, helping you to ensure that your children have what they need after the divorce is final.

While you may need an attorney’s help, you don’t have to rush into choosing one. Instead, schedule a consultation with Beller & Bustamante, P.L., by calling 904-288-4414 or filling our our online contact form to request an appointment. Come talk to us and find out how we can help you through this difficult time.