Jacksonville, FL Flat Fee Divorce Attorneys

If you have an Uncontested Dissolution of Marriage, we offer a Flat Fee which will save you money.

Dictionary Entry for DivorceIf you ask any divorcee’ in Florida who has survived from a hotly contested divorce, “Who won?” the answer will always be “the attorneys.” The attorney fees in contested dissolutions of marriages is substantially higher. There is a better way, a Florida uncontested divorce.

The uncontested divorce attorneys of the Jacksonville, FL law firm of Beller & Bustamante, P.L. have created an easy to use site for spouses who want to resolve their divorce in Florida quickly and amicably. With the cost of attorney’s fees rising, we believe that it is important that if you and your spouse have decided to divorce, have agreed upon how to divide your assets and your debts, and you have decided how you want to share time with your children, then why not have a flat fee uncontested divorce where the lawyer costs are reasonable and contained. If you file for your divorce on your own, the Florida family court system involves a frustrating process that on average takes 120 to 180 days. If you have an uncontested divorce with attorney representation, your divorce takes on average 30 days.

If you and your spouse live in Duval, Clay, St. Johns, Flagler, or Putnam counties and you have agreed on the terms of your divorce and want to save money, please see our site at: divorceinthesunshinestate.com

Our on-line uncontested divorce video consultation provides guidance on what a Florida judge will be looking for in your uncontested divorce agreement as well as what you and your spouse need to resolve in that divorce agreement. Our attorneys provide all the forms you need to complete in a downloadable uncontested divorce package. We have set up this site to be easy, helpful, and efficient. Divorce is hard enough. Why make it more difficult than it has to be. Spouses who are able to come to terms with regard to their divorce, custody, visitation, and support can agree to follow that agreement without the additional legal expenses and stress that accompany a contested marriage. If you and your spouse want a more peaceful transition for your family, we encourage you to talk out your divorce and divorce by an uncontested divorce agreement.

We have been representing family law clients in Northeast Florida for many years and understand the need to save excessive attorney fees. The Flat Fee uncontested divorce insures that your Florida uncontested dissolution of marriage is executed effectively and efficiently. We look forward to representing you.

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