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Jacksonville Guardianship LawyerGuardianship is a court proceeding in which a judge appoints a person or entity as a guardian to make decisions on behalf of another, called the ward, who is unable to make certain decisions because he or she is either incompetent or is a minor child. The court also appoints guardian advocates for developmentally disabled adults. The guardian may be appointed to manage the ward’s money and property, the ward’s health care, or both.

The Jacksonville Guardianship lawyers at Beller and Bustamante in Jacksonville, Florida have successfully handled numerous guardianship matters. Through careful planning and management, and closely working with the guardian, many potential disputes can be avoided and the guardian is clear about his or her responsibilities.

Contesting Guardianship

However, family members and friends may have conflicting opinions on who should help and how to make the right decisions for the ward. For example, who should be named as the guardian of an incapacitated child or parent? Where should the elderly parent live, at home or in an assisted living facility? How much money is needed monthly to care for the person? Who will make responsible decisions about the ward’s expenses? What does the ward need in terms of medical care and who should provide it?

These issues can be a source of fighting among the children and other relatives of a ward, and they can tear a family apart. The North Florida guardianship attorneys of Beller and Bustamante have the skill and experience to represent you in these often emotional and difficult cases.

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