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Dad Looking at FamilyThe legal process can be intimidating, especially when you are dealing with matters related to your kids. That’s why at Beller & Butamente, P.L. our legal staff places substantial importance on helping parents and families understand the laws affecting paternity. At the Jacksonville, Florida law office of Beller & Bustamante, P.L., we maintain close contact with our clients, teaching them about how Florida law applies to parents and assisting them in making decisions that will be the best for them and their children.

Our family lawyers help parents and families take actions to establish the paternity of children. We know that a paternity determination can have a serious impact on your relationship with your children and your life, in addition to your parental rights.

In our thirty years of combined family law experience, there are two reasons why mothers or alleged fathers request paternity tests. The mother is seeking support from the person who she believes is the child’s father, or the father is attempting to establish parental rights. The reverse of this is true as well. Oftentimes, a mother or alleged father is attempting to disprove paternity to deny parental rights or to avoid paying child support, respectively.

If you believe that you are not the father of the child, Florida law allows you to challenge child support through a paternity action. You and the child may need to submit to DNA testing to determine the true biological nature of the relationship. Our attorneys can arrange and schedule the tests with the child’s mother or legal guardian.

How Paternity Relates to Child Support

In Florida, just having your name on the birth certificate is not enough to establish paternity. The court requires the establishment of paternity through a court order, even if everyone agrees on the identity of the father. Regardless of whether it’s accomplished via a genetic test, a court order by a Florida judge, or a combination of both, when paternity is established, it can affect your parental rights and obligations to your child, impacting things like child support, child custody, visitation, or timesharing.

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